Semalt: Is Link Building Right For Your Business? 

Best believe that we had a similar look to what you have on your face right now. You must admit that it's a bit strange. As a brand, we have dedicated years of our professional careers learning how to build links and convincing clients that without links, their website will suffer. 

What Makes Link Building Bad for Some Businesses?

Semalt has dedicated years to finding new, innovative, and effective ways to help its clients grow in sales and revenue. If we aren't sure that digital link building contributes to that growth, then we owe it to our clients to discourage them from spending resources on link-building efforts. 

In most cases, link building is something we encourage and advise clients to use. Link building can be a significant asset in improving sales and revenue, but right now, that may not be the best path your business should take. 

We've discovered some excellent reasons why link building may not be what your business needs. In this article, we will be exploring some of these reasons and ensure that we find an alternative growth strategy for your business. After all, link building isn't the only way we can increase your sales and revenue.

Blockers in the internal Politics 

Building most links usually requires several entities within the organization to approve before you can proceed. This is most prominent if you're doing content-led link building and launching campaigns. We have also encountered this challenge when using PR tactics to earn links.  

There are several levels in which internal politics can pose a threat. 

Communications and PR

The communications and PR teams are vital parts of any company. Most times, we notice that they hold relationships with key journalists or publications, and to maintain these relationships, SEO experts are prohibited from generating links from certain sources. 

This puts a tight leash on how far or wide we can go to get links. In some cases, this can lead us to have only a few publications we can target. 

Design, UX, and Copywriters

Some SEO experts may consider these teams as independent, but we consider them to be one point because they all have a role to play in the production of content. Each of these branches has the ability to approve or disapprove of any link on any work we provide. 

Legal and Compliance

In some industries, there is a point to which your company grows, and you must be extremely careful with what you publish. This phenomenon is expected in the financial industry, insurance, and health. Several safety organizations have been set up to keep close eyes on companies in those industries. 

In this case, it is very important that we're 100% sure of what we link too which really limits the number of links we can use. 

Technical and Development

We are required to upload documents we create to our client's websites at a point when we are in charge of production. But the process of uploading on a website is far more complex than publishing blog posts which can be a problem.

Let's imagine we're in the process of uploading something far more complex than text. Interactive Infographic, a tool, or a large report. At this point, it becomes far too complex, and we may require the services of the development team.

This wouldn't necessarily stop or damage our link-building effort, but it can slow down the process.

How Do These Internal Elements Threaten Your Link Building Efforts

Several other internal link factors influence the success of any link-building campaign, but our list should give you a pretty decent idea of what can damage your link-building efforts.

In some cases, you wouldn't experience just one but a combination of these factors. Experiencing any or a combination of these could lead to:
Having these kinds of obstacles in your organization has consequences which we mentioned above. These are ways to know if your website needs a content-led link-building strategy. At least not until these blockers are removed.

It wouldn't be bad for the brand and the website if these blockers stop good results from coming in. we can try over time, but we must see that link building at the moment isn't the right investment.

Little or No Buy-in for Link Building at the Executive Level

This is one factor to notice and consider. It is also not very common, so it always comes as a surprise. The issue most SEO experts have with this is that it still allows them to sell the idea of building links as a wise move. In this case, the client wouldn't realize that they are getting into bad business. But it is only a matter of time; the campaign fails and gets canceled.

When you first start hearing your SEO experts talk of link building, the first thing you should ask is how its success would be measured. If they really know what they are doing like Semalt, you will have clear answers.

Your main point of contact will have an answer which may be one or a combination of any of the following:
These are some indicators that you're headed down the right path by investing in a link-building campaign.

Beyond all this, it is also important that you understand exactly how wide and far your SEO report will cover and how link-building efforts are measured.

You should have objectives and KPIs in strategic places around links, traffic, revenues, and sales. Also, clarify who sees these results.


As the service provider, saying no to a client is one of the hardest things we can do. But in reality, we know that going down that path can be a disaster, and that is why we say link building isn't for everybody. It could be bad at the moment and become a wise move later on, or it may not just be suited for your brand. Either way, we will give you an honest opinion on what your website needs the most.

To have us take a look and evaluate your website, kindly contact us.

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